First E-Library for Primary and Junior Secondary Students in Kandal Launched

The first school library equipped with electronic device, namely internet-connected tablets and TV screens, in Kandal province, and may not yet be available in many other provinces, was launched at Hun Sen Svay Rolum primary and junior high school in Sa-Ang distirct on Mar. 3, with the intent of promoting reading culture and boosting opportunity for students' learning.

According to a press release of Aide-et-Action (AEA), as part of a pilot project by AEA in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the inauguration drew around 1,000 participants that include officials from the provincial office of education, the local authorities, the school principals, officials and teachers as well as students and parents.

While expressing his happiness and thanks to AEA for setting up the library equipped with the electronic device and internet connection, chief of Kandal provincial education office, through his representative at the event also attached a great importance of the library to promoting reading culture particularly among young school children.

"Reading plays a very important part in knowledge development and therefore the establishment of this library equipped with electronic device and internet connection is even more significant," he said.

Mr. Vorn Samphors, AEA Country Program Director, said the project had three main objectives: 1) To improve literacy and build a reading and learning culture among children in rural areas and all across the country; 2) To increase the volume and quality of e-books and other learning content available in Cambodia by creating online spaces for authors to produce, peer-review and make available their own content, and; 3) To strengthen the capacity of pre-school and primary school teachers to deliver quality education to students at disadvantaged schools in Cambodia through the use of mobile technology-enabled training and support.

"This time, today, we are taking a further step towards the development of the future of our children through reading, learning and to become future leaders," said Mr. Samphors.

Chief of the Sa-Ang district education office, Mr. Samrith Doeurn, was even more appreciative when he said: "AEA has been providing a lot of support to the school that it becomes now the model school in the district. All over Kandal province, there is no any other school having such an electronic library."

After completion of the pilot school project that is funded by Atlassian, and is part of the Khmer Learn project, a total of 210 tablets and one TV per school will be distributed to libraries in another seven target schools with a total number of 1,500 students from six to 11 years-old, added the press release.

Source: AKP