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The plight of famous composer Roslan Ariffin Jamil, better known as Ross Ariffin, who was homeless for more than three years until his predicament went viral on social media, has received the attention of Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil who has come forward to offer him help with a People's Housing Project (PPR) home. Fahmi said the home was secured with an application that he himself submitted to Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Federal Territories) Dr Zaliha Mustafa. "I read the story about Ross' homelessness on social media, and I was asked to get to know him better in order to help him,' he said in a post on Facebook today. Fahmi said during the meeting with Ross, he was touched by all the bitter experiences and difficulties experienced by Ross, 62, including when he had to resort to eating leftover food left on tables, and sometimes had to starve. He said he was amazed that the composer, who had penned songs for popular artistes such as Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza, Ning Baizura, Jackl yn Victor and Fauziah Latiff, was still yearning to return to composing. When Ross was younger, he took part in an orchestra in London, United Kingdom, as one of the violinists, and was active as a guest artiste, musician and sessionist. 'Ross has such a unique talent and is capable of returning to the big family of the country's entertainment industry. I consider it part of my responsibility to help artistes in our country," Fahmi said. He also said the ministry would look into several matters and try to help the composer return to work, including holding discussions with RTM as well as RTM music director Datuk Mokhzani to enable the father of two children to collaborate in song compositions. "As long as I am a minister and the MADANI Government is still in power, believe me, we will try our best to (help) artistes," he added, Source: BERNAMA News Agency