Eight Radio and Television Stations Make Avail Airtime for Political Campaign

Eight radio and television stations have informed the National Election Committee (NEC) on available time slots for political parties to buy for their political campaign toward July 29 general elections.

The update as of July 5 from the radio and television stations was shared recently by the committee that encourages all media institutions throughout Cambodia to note their available airtime for election campaign to the committee at least three days before its commencement.

The 21-day election campaign for the sixth mandate national election will last from 7 to 27 July, and 20 political parties have been registered to join the race.

The eight radio and television stations are Heang Meas, Bayon, Channel 5, Channel 3, Apsara (Channel 11), Cambodia Television Network (CTN), Cambodia News Channel (CNC), and My TV.

Participating political parties interested in buying the airtime from the mentioned radio and television stations for their political campaign can contact the media institutions directly.

The National Election Committee has also allowed equal airtime for all registered political parties to present their political agenda on the national television TVK.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press