ECCC To Host a Fundraising Meeting on Case 002/02 Reparations

The Victims Support Section (VSS) of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) is holding a Fundraising Meeting on Case 002/02 Reparations on April 06, 20t7.

According to ECCC's press release AKP received this afternoon, the purpose of the meeting is to inform potential donors and relevant stakeholders of proposed reparation projects in Case 002/02, their funding status and opportunities to contribute to them.

At the ECCC, 3,867 Civil Parties in Case 002/02 are entitled to seek collective and moral reparations. In case of conviction of the accused, the Trial Chamber may grant moral and collective reparations to the Civil Parties if certain conditions are fulfilled, including the requirement for sufficient external funding for each proposed project.

Since the start of Case 002/02 proceeding in 2014, VSS and the Lead Co-Lawyers (LCLs) have been consulting with numerous Civil Parties, victims associations, civil society organisations, donors, and relevant ministries of the Royal Government of Cambodia, through workshops, forums, and individual meetings to identify and design projects for Case 002/02 reparations based on the needs and wishes of Civil Parties.

As a result, twenty-three projects have been identified, five of which have been requested to the Royal Government of Cambodia for support, while the remaining eighteen have sought implementation through external sources.

To secure funding for the implementation of the eighteen proposed reparation projects, VSS, LCLs, and implementing partners have reached out to potential donors. While some funding has already been committed, there is still a gap to be filled in order to ensure meaningful reparations reach more Civil Parties.

The VSS, an organ of the ECCC, is tasked to, in co-operation with the LCLs, and, where appropriate, in liaison with governmental and non-governmental organisations, identify, design, and implement reparations projects in case of conviction. VSS is also obligated to seek external funding sources to support the implementation of the ECCC reparations.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press