Earth Hour 2021 Emphasises the Need of Collective Actions to Protect Nature

This year in Cambodia, “Earth Hour at Home” will be held from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday Mar. 27, 2021 in solidarity with the people across the planet during this challenging time of COVID-19.
According to a joint press release, this forthcoming event will be hosted by the Ministry of Environment, Youth Earth, WWF, and other partners in an effort to fight against the spread of the COVID-19 and protect people and our planet.
H.E. Neth Pheaktra, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Environment, prompts that this is the time when the importance and linkage of nature and biodiversity to our existence and well-being reaffirm themselves. “Forests are the lungs for filtering polluted air, an important role forests play as part of natural resource ecosystems. Indispensable, forests are the planet’s agent that maintain the balance within the natural environment, regenerate the fresh and quality climate, including the air we all breathe, as well as maintaining the integrity of water resources, protecting the watershed and biodiversity. Forests are the protection for our planet and our lives. Therefore, we must recognise the interconnectedness between the quality of nature and the health and well-being of humanity,” he said.
“Every small –but legal, honest and accountable – action counts as a contribution to preserve the Kingdom’s natural resources in order to help prevent further biodiversity loss and reduce impacts of climate change for the benefit of people and nature.”
With “Make Room for Nature” as the theme, this year’s Earth Hour focuses on raising awareness on why nature matters and seeks to ignite conversations online about the vital importance of nature in our daily lives and the increasing threats our shared environment is facing every day.
This year, Ms. Meas Soksophea, Cambodia’s Popular Pop Singer, raises her voice for nature on social media calling on all Cambodian citizens to join her in making a difference in their every day’s life.
“In our whole life we cannot always do great things. But we can commit to small things with great love, especially for nature and for us,” she said.
Mr. Seng Teak, WWF Country Director, explains this year’s Earth Hour Cambodia partnerships are inspiring with unprecedented and powerful participation of young people, and it gives us hope that together we can save our beautiful nature, rivers, forests and biodiversity, and support a sustainable society where people live in harmony with nature.
“Everyone has role to play in protecting our nature, our environment and our wildlife for the current and future generations,” he said.
For the private sector and businesses, Earth Hour represents an excellent platform for them to become part of the solutions needed to build a healthier and sustainable society and to give back to nature and the communities they serve.
“The significant value of nature and its link with people’s and society’s well-being emerged clearly and warned us all of a great danger humanity would face if people don’t do enough today to protect the natural ecosystems of Cambodia and our planet earth,” said Mr. Chy Sila, Chief Executive Officer of Sabay Digital (Sabay Co. LTD).
“Every small action counts! I adopt my pledge for nature and, collectively, we can provide a sustainable home for our children and future generations,” he added.
Mr. Thomas Hundt, Chief Executive Officer of Smart Axiata said “communities have become more environmentally conscious in recent years, but I would like to encourages businesses, households and individuals in Cambodia to pay more attention to environmental protection and the sustainability of nature we all share.”

He added that “for the Earth Hour, please join me to speak up for nature and continue to take actions on your daily life to help protect nature on which our health, happiness and prosperity depend.”

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press