DreamEast to be Displayed on IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando

BEIJING, November 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — From November 17 to November 22, 2014, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Attractions Expo will be held in the Orlando Orange County Convention Center in the U.S. SkyOcean International Holdings Limited (hereafter referred to as “SkyOcean International” or “the Group”) (00593.HK) will attend the Expo with “DreamEast”, an independent Chinese cultural and entertainment brand owned and developed by the Group, and its distinctive amusement series projects themed with Chinese culture.

The IAAPA Attractions Expo, which has been successfully held for more than 90 years, has injected a sustained strong momentum to the development of amusement parks, scenic spots and entertainment industry, attracting a growing number of Chinese exhibitors during recent years. It is shown that over 60 exhibitors from mainland China, including Overseas Chinese Town, China Wanda Group, SkyOcean International and other investment enterprises of theme parks, will take active parts in the Expo this year. China’s theme entertainment industry has witnessed accelerated development as the number of Chinese exhibitors in the Expo has increased remarkably year on year.

The rapid development of China’s economy has triggered the explosive growth of demand for cultural consumption. In particular, the cultural tourism in 2013 alone registered a revenue of nearly USD480 billion. Seduced by the huge market potential, big-name local enterprises of China engaged in real estate, fast moving consumer goods, movie and TV media, and internet have flocked to make investment in the development and construction of theme parks. According to AECOM, a global consulting company, China has 59 theme parks under construction at present, among which 14 were opened to public during 2012-2013. It is predicted that 59 theme parks and 5 aquatic parks, which attract a total investment of USD23.8 billion, will be put into operation by 2020. “DreamEast – Legendary World”, “DreamEast – Zhoukoudian”, “DreamEast – Future World” and “DreamEast – Happy World” initiated by SkyOcean International are the representatives of these amusement projects.

DreamEast – Legendary World, the representative theme entertainment project of DreamEast, is dedicated to growing into the largest Chinese cultural theme park across the world. Seated in the south part of Beijing, the project covers an area of 494 acres. Having signed development agreement with the local government, the project is expected to attract investment of over USD 4 billion. Themed with “exploration and innovation”, DreamEast – Future World in the east part of Beijing is the largest and most advanced spaceflight theme park of China, with aerospace technological exchanges, cultural exchanges, science popularization exhibition, extra-class education and technology entertainment all in one. DreamEast – Future World is expected to open to the public in autumn 2015.

In addition to exhibiting product during the Expo, DreamEast will also hold a brand promotion and meeting-the-supplier conference in order to release the specific demands of the above-mentioned projects and conduct meaningful exchanges with suppliers.

About DreamEast:

DreamEast is an independent cultural entertainment brand of China under the flagship of SkyOcean International (00593.HK). At the outset, DreamEast has proposed the strategic structure of “light asset + heavy asset”, for the purpose of which it has initiated the industrial development mode with “Chinese culture as the keynote and proprietary intellectual property operation as the core”.

About SkyOcean International:

As a company listed on the main board of the Hong Kong exchange, SkyOcean International Holdings Limited (00593.HK) is mainly engaged in two sectors, namely, cultural industry and industrial real estate.

In the sector of cultural industry and industrial real estate, SkyOcean has established the cluster development mode with Greater Beijing Area as core. As the powerful engine of regional development and city value, SkyOcean will expand its strategic layout to the Yangtze River Delta region and Pearl River Delta region. SkyOcean International has made unremitted efforts to promote Chinese culture to the world, develop itself into a world first-class entertainment group, so as to drive the new-type urbanization of China with cultural industry.

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