DreamEast Brand Launch and Suppliers Relations Event Held in the US

ORLANDO, Fla., November 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On November 19, 2014, the DreamEast brand launch and supplier relations event was held at Hilton Orlando in the US. More than 200 representatives from well-known theme park and attraction companies around the world attended the event, where Lagotronics, Simuline, Playfun, Wincomn, Betop, and other operators signed agreements to become DreamEast’s strategic partners. At the event, the director of DreamEast’s Department of Entertainment Business Justin Shi Junjie introduced the development strategy of the company, and the planning of its project, "DreamEast – Legendary World", as well as the facilities planning and selection criteria of the project.

Chinese cultural and entertainment brand DreamEast was officially launched

Chinese cultural and entertainment brand DreamEast was officially launched

After ten years of building a dream, the DreamEast brand will spur with long accumulation. As a cultural and entertainment brand under SkyOcean International Holdings Limited (00593.HK) (hereinafter referred to as "SkyOcean International"), DreamEast cherishes the passion and dream to promote Chinese culture to the world, as well as making its rapid strides in the arena of the world’s cultural industry with the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.

DreamEast debut has instantly grabbed people’s attention from the cultural and entertainment industry. Its hallmark of Chinese culture exhilarated the industry across the world. Since November 17, the opening of IAAPA’s Attractions Expo, the No. 3088 booth of DreamEast had been crowded with streams of visters. SkyOcean International’s distinctive series of Chinese cultural attraction projects, such as "DreamEast – Legendary World", "DreamEast – Zhoukoudian", "DreamEast – FutureWorld" and "DreamEast – Happy World" had won accolades from numerous upstream and downstream peers, which had in turn brought partnerships and collaborations.

With the rising economy, China’s cultural industry is developing with fast track. SkyOcean International aims to become the best-in-class cultural and entertainment group that is dedicated in promoting Chinese culture to the world. Since the birth of its cultural and entertainment brand, SkyOcean International has decided to position DreamEast as "Chinese culture as the keynote and proprietary intellectual property operation as the core". It will commit all its power and resources to introduce Chinese culture to the world, and to help fulfiling China’s Cultural Dream.

The theme parks and family entertainment centers, as well as other businesses of SkyOcean International have been under smooth and steady progress. Its world’s largest Chinese culture theme park is located in the Southern part of Beijing with an expected land area of 3,000 mu (approximately 494 acres). With its conceptual planning and design just been completed, "DreamEast – Legendary World" has adopts the best theme park design and the most cutting-edge technology to showcase the essence of Chinese culture. According to the framework agreement signed with the government, the investment of this project is expected to exceed US$ 4 billion. "DreamEast-Future World" is another project under SkyOcean international’s flagship, which is located in the Eastern part of Beijing with the theme of "Exploration and Innovation". It will be China’s most advanced aerospace theme park that integrates full-spectrum features of aerospace technology communication, cultural exchanges, science popularization, exhibition and demonstration, extracurricular education, as well as science and technology entertainment. The project is expected to be opened in the autumn of 2015.

The increasing attendance of enterprises from China at the IAAPA’S Attractions Expo indicates the explosive growth of China’s theme park industry and the expending cultural and entertainment market of China. It can be foreseen that it will not take long before sizable theme parks like the ones in Orlando to emerge in China and other places worldwide.

About DreamEast:

DreamEast is an independent cultural entertainment brand of China under the flagship of SkyOcean International (00593.HK). At the outset, DreamEast has proposed the strategic structure of "light asset + heavy asset" for the purpose of initiating the industrial development mode with "Chinese culture as the keynote and proprietary intellectual property operation as the core".

About SkyOcean International:

As a company listed on the main board of the Hong Kong exchange, SkyOcean International Holdings Limited (00593.HK) is mainly engaged in two sectors, namely, cultural industry and industrial real estate.

In the sector of cultural industry and industrial real estate, SkyOcean has established the cluster development model with Greater Beijing Area as the core. As the powerful engine of regional development and city value, SkyOcean will expand its strategic layout to the Yangtze River Delta region and the Pearl River Delta region. SkyOcean International has made encouraging efforts to promote Chinese culture to the world, develop itself into a world first-class entertainment group, so as to drive the new-type urbanization of China with the cultural industry.

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