D-Wave to Host Qubits Conference, Featuring Global 2000 Customers

The annual three-day conference connects thousands of developers, quantum computing experts, and innovative business decision-makers across diverse industries around the world

BURNABY, Canada, Sept. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — D-Wave Systems Inc., the leader in quantum computing systems, software, and services, today announced it will host its annual global Qubits Conference on October 5-7. Now in its 6th year, Qubits will be a virtual format with live talks and real-time Q&As with speakers, providing an opportunity for thousands of technical experts, developers, and forward-looking businesses to come together to learn more about D-Wave’s newest quantum technologies and hear from leading-edge customers and partners such as PayPal, E.ON, GE, Menten AI, Accenture, NEC, Multiverse Computing, and many more.

This year’s program will provide D-Wave’s global community – including business decision-makers and quantum application developers from more than 37 countries – with the tools and insights they need to solve some of the world’s most complex, critical business problems in fields ranging from healthcare to financial services and put those quantum hybrid use cases into production. This year’s program will feature technical sessions, hands-on how-to’s, and guest speakers detailing their quantum applications for a 360-degree view of the power and potential of quantum computing.

Day 1 of the conference, which focuses on “Quantum for Business,” will open with keynotes from D-Wave’s CEO Alan Baratz and other members of the team, and will include a preview of D-Wave’s technology roadmap and updates in the Leap™ quantum cloud service and with the Advantage™ quantum system. Customers and guest speakers throughout the day will give talks on topics including harnessing quantum computing to benefit the fintech industry, quantum’s role in energy transition, and how quantum computing is helping scale critical biopharma processes. The first day of the event provides attendees the opportunity to hear talks from D-Wave customers and partners such as PayPal, GE Research, Accenture, DirectFood.store, and CINECA.

Day 2, dedicated to developers and researchers, will feature talks from the D-Wave team and others including researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Jülich Supercomputing Centre, and Durham University. Topics covered will include how to use a hybrid solver, an update on D-Wave’s Ocean™ developer tools, and new scientific results from the D-Wave team and collaborators. D-Wave will round out the conference on the third day with an introduction to quantum programming – a series of educational sessions and tutorials for developers with all levels of quantum experience, from novices to experts. Programming will also include a Japanese-language portion the morning of October 6th JST, featuring use cases from customers including Sigma-i, Groovenauts, and NEC. To view the full agenda, please click here.

“Business adoption of quantum computing is accelerating rapidly, which is why D-Wave’s number one focus remains delivering customer value through practical quantum application development,” said Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave. “In order to achieve that, vendors cannot work in a vacuum. It’s critical we bring together a robust ecosystem of world-class business leaders, innovative scientific institutions, and forward-thinking developers and researchers, to work together, learn from one another, and demonstrate quantum computing’s real-world impact. We are proud to host Qubits, and we look forward to growing our passionate community of change-makers.”

There is no cost to attend Qubits conference 2021. If you’re interested in registering for the event and learning more about quantum computing’s ability to shape the way we solve complex problems, please register here.

About D-Wave Systems Inc.

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