COVID-19, a Hottest Topic on Mainstream and Social Medias

COVID-19 has become one of the hottest and most discussed topics in Cambodia after the community outbreak on Feb. 20, people and local media leaders said.
“Every morning and everywhere, when we open our eyes, one of the first important questions to family members, would be ‘how many infected people this morning?’” said a 50-year-old Phnom Penh resident Mr. Bun Each.
Mr. Bun Each said not only him, but also his wife, children and children-in-law always ask this question every day when they have breakfast or before they go to work, except his grand-children.
Now, the situation of COVID-19 in Cambodia is very bad, therefore everybody pays high attention to any updated information about the pandemic, he added.
Mr. Roeun Vuthy, another Phnom Penh resident of 45 years old, shared the same idea, saying that now, all have to follow up the information about COVID-19, because it is a serious killer around the world.
Before, there was no death of COVID-19 in Cambodia, people could neglect this virus, but now more than two thousands have been infected, and some people have died because of it, therefore all have to follow up the information about it, he said.
“Before, I and some of my friends always come to have breakfast and coffee together before the office, but now we’d better have breakfast, coffee, and follow the updated information at home. COVID-19 is so dangerous that we need to pay high attention to,” he continued.
Mr. Vuthy said his favorite media topics before was economic and social issues, but now, the first headline that he always looks at is on COVID-19.
“Number of new confirmed cases, death cases, locations closed down due to COVID-19 are my main concerns now,” he stressed.
Editor-in-Chief of Rasmei Kampuchea Daily, Mr. Teav Sarakmony said it is true because COVID-19 can influence other different contents, not only health, but also politics, crime, social life, economic issues and so on.
“There are over 100 contents on our website, but more than half are related to COVID-19, including education campaign, bad and good news about COVID-19,” he underlined.
Mr. Soy Sophea, Editor-in Chief of Deum Ampil Media Centre said nearly all contents on his website are about COVID-19. “This content has been touching the heart of our readers,” he stressed.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press