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Container shipper HMM wins top score in climate change

SEOUL, South Korea's No. 1 container shipper HMM Co. said Wednesday it has clinched a "leadership score" in climate change from a global sustainable management ratings agency. Last year, HMM received an A- score from Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in the climate change category for its better eco-friendly management, the shipping firm said. It is the second-highest on CDP's eight-level rating scale. A CDP score provides a snapshot of a company's disclosure and environmental performance. In addition, it is higher than the global average of C and the mean score of B- for the maritime transportation industry, HMM said. "The latest CDP score attests to HMM's environmentally-friendly management," a company official said. "The company will deal actively with global environmental regulations and ramp up efforts to secure future competitiveness." HMM began to participate in the CDP program in 2010. CDP scores are divided into four levels: leadership (A/A-), management (B/B-), awareness (C/C-) and disclosure (D/ D-). To earn an A score from CDP, businesses and organizations must show environmental leadership, disclosing action on climate change, deforestation or water security. In January this year, HMM was named the best eco-friendly shipping company at the Green Shipping Summit 2024 held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Source: Yonhap News Agency