Cambodia’s Population Reaches 15.5 Million: Latest Census

Cambodia has in total 15.55 million population, of them 7.98 million are females (51.3 percent), pointed out the National Report on the Final Result of the General Population Census of Cambodia 2019 launched here this morning.
Of the total population, 15,552,221 to be exact, 6.13 million are urban residents (3.14 million females), and 9.41 million are rural residents (4.83 million females), it stated.
The overall population density is 87 people per square kilometre on average, said the report, adding that the average density of urban population is 874 and rural population is 55 people per square kilometre.

For age groups, it continued, 29.4 percent are under 14 years old, 61.7 percent between 15 to 59 years old, and the over 60-year-old population accounts for 8.9 percent.
The 2019 population census is the third of its kind, since the first one conducted in 1998. The national census in Cambodia is held in every 10 years.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press