Cambodian Senior Official Attends Last Meeting of CES’ First Term in Paris

H.E. Dr. CHHIV Yiseang, Secretary of State, member of the Economic and Social Council (CES) of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and Vice-President of the Regional Commission of economic and scientific experts (CREES) for Asia and the Pacific, has recently participated in the last meeting of the first term (2022-2024) of the CES in Paris, France. The meeting, held on Feb. 21, was chaired by Professor Slim KHALBOUS, Rector of the AUF. The nine other members of this council representing CREES in their respective region were also invited to this meeting. According to a news release of the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, after the success of the organisation of the 3rd edition of the World Week of Scientific Francophonie in Quebec, Canada, in November 2023, the participants exchanged their views on the organisation of its 4th edition which will be held in October 2024 in Toulouse, France, with the active participation of the CES. The participants then revie wed the results of the activities carried out by the CES during its first mandate (February 2022-February 2024). They congratulated the CES for having achieved its objective of integrating the AUF into the Francophone economy and affirming the socio-economic dimension of the AUF. They considered the evolution of the CES over the last two years since its creation positive. The CES began its mission with a simple definition of its identity, priorities and a succinct roadmap. It has now reached cruising speed and can now carry out its missions effectively. To support the latter, the participants also discussed the selection of new members and the renewal of current members for the second term of the CES. The participants appreciated the results of the implementation of the ENTREPRENDRE programme which aims to create an entrepreneurial culture in higher education establishments in around ten countries. They decided to expand this program to other AUF areas of intervention around the world. The Rector of AUF Slim KHALBOUS has decided to extend this project to Cambodia in 2024, given its very good results. Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse