Cambodian NA Dismayed of European Parliament’s Resolution

Cambodia’s National Assembly (NA) this morning issued a statement expressing its disappointment over the European Parliament’s resolution of Mar. 11 on the trials against offenders in Cambodia.
The full statement reads as follows:
“The National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia took note with utter dismay of the European Parliament’s resolution of 11 March 2021 on the trials against offenders in Cambodia 2021/2579(RSP) and wishes to provide the following statement:
1. As an independent and sovereign state, Cambodia is entitled to pursue its policy of self-determination in order to protect its national interests, including peace, stability, and prosperity. We do not tolerate any intentions and activities that aim to disrupt the fabrics of the country’s hard-earned peace and stability
2. The trials of the perpetrators linked to the ‘9 November 2019 plot’ are in full conformity with our Constitution and related laws, which strengthen the rule of law in the Kingdom. Any attempt to plot an insurrection through the use of defamatory languages, incitement to violence and a call upon the armed forces to overthrow a legitimate government are unlawful and must be denounced.
3. After direct and indirect embroilments in Cambodia’s past tragedy through their support for the Khmer Rouge genocidal regime and the embargo against an administration that helped save the Cambodian people from the genocide, many countries in the international community, including the European Union itself, have helped bringing peace, democracy, social progress and economic prosperity to the Kingdom. These efforts should be sustained rather than a return to repeating previous mistakes of the past.
4. The democratisation in Cambodia is thriving and irreversible in both absolute and relative terms, as reflected in the constantly evolving democratic landscape, which encompasses political parties of various tendencies and orientations, a thriving civil society, trade unions and a multitude of media outlets.
We therefore urge the European Parliament to have an objective assessment on the political development in Cambodia and continue to constructively engage with diverse political groups in Cambodia based on the principles of mutual trust, mutual respect, and mutual interest.”

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press