Cambodian Authorities Take Action Against Dissemination of Negative Information on Social Media

Cambodia's General Commissariat of National Police (GCNP) has set forth measures against the dissemination of negative information through social media, especially Facebook.

Speaking to reporters after the GCNP's biannual meeting yesterday, Gen. Keat Chantharith, Spokesperson for the GCNP laid stress on some advantages of social media for people, society and the government.

But, he added, some bad people have used social media to deceive, insult, criticise others, therefore the GCNP has the obligation to take action in order to maintain social order and security for all.

Recently, some social media users have been arrested after they posted and shared fake news and information. Among them, some have been released after being educated while others have been sent to the court.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press