Cambodia to Add Power Generation from Natural Gas

Ministry of Mines and Energy said natural gas –LNG will play an important role in Cambodia’s power supply in the future, and
Up to 3,600 MW of power is planned to be generated from LNG plants as of 2030.
Based on the ministry’s power development plant, the sector will attract more investment in LNG power plants. Although Cambodia currently does not have any LNG plants, more foreign firms have eyed on the sector.
Speaking in the 3rd East Asia Energy virtual Forum on Role of Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage/Carbon Recycling in ASEAN, held last week, H.E. Suy Sem, Minister of Mines and Energy, said that with boosting power generation from the LNG, an affordable cost of clean technologies such as Clean Coal Technologies should be promoted and deployed to developing countries.
“Cambodia has revised its power development plan 2020-2030 in which we forecast the larger share of gas consumption in the power generation mix coming onwards a total of 3,600 MW in the following schedules 2027-2030,” he said.
“Cambodia’s economic recovery is expected for post COVID-19 in 2021. Thus, Cambodia’s energy demand is also expected to bounce back strongly in which LNG will play a crucial role in Cambodia’s energy mix, especially in the power generation, industrial uses, transportation, commercial, and residential uses,” underlined H.E. Minister.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press