Cambodia Rejects Asia Times’ Article

The Spokesperson of the Cambodian Ministry of National Defence this morning issued a statement rejecting Asia Times' article accusing that Cambodia allowed a foreign country to use its territory.

Recently, pointed out the statement, some foreign media have copied and disseminated baseless information saying that foreign country wants to use Cambodian territory as a military base and a dock for warships and Cambodia is in the centre of the cold war between China and the U.S.

"These are fake news created by some ill-will foreign groups who tried to incite, to confuse national and international public and to destroy Cambodia's independence, permanent neutrality," it underlined.

Cambodia is an independent, permanently neutral, non-aligned State as stipulated in the new Article 53 of the Constitution, said the same source, adding that the Royal Government of Cambodia has been maintaining peace for the people and prevent all temptations to bring the country back to war, so as to continue national development.

"Therefore, Cambodia did neither take part in any cold war nor allow any foreigners to use its territory as a military base as accused by those fake news," it stressed.

The Spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defence called on Asia Times to stop disseminating such baseless information.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press