Cambodia Launches “Kingdom of Wonder” App

The Ministry of Tourism launched today in Siem Reap province the mobile application (App) Kingdom of Wonder to promote Cambodia's tourism and development to the world.

The launching ceremony took place in conjunction with a seminar on Cambodia tourism destination promotion through digital system, organised under the presidency of H.E. Kuch Panhasa, Under Secretary of State for Tourism and H.E. Neak Neron, Deputy Governor of Siem Reap province.

H.E. Kuch Panhasa said this App had been initiated to promote tourism under the new trend of fourth industrial revolution.

Digital platform is becoming more and more popular among people as well as tourists around the world, he said, adding that up to 2018, there were in total 4.1 billion digital platform users, of them 2.32 billion Facebook users, and 1.8 billion YouTube users.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, Kingdom of Wonder App is a collection of key tourism information of Cambodia such as tourism destinations, events and maps, flight connections, weather forecast, restaurants, local transportation and so on.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press