Boao Health Forum: Health Industry to Rise in China

BOAO, China, March 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Boao Health Forum, one of the most important forums of Boao Forum for Asia, was held on Mar. 28. The Health Forum, including sections of keynote speech, sub-forums and contract signing, was attended by over 70 representatives of domestic and foreign medical institutions, such as International Medical Council, World Anti-Aging Academy Of Medicine, Ali Health, Evergrande Health, London HB and Wonjin Aesthetic Surgery Clinic. An original report from Sina Leju follows.

A speech was delivered at the forum by Lu Junhua, Vice Governor of People’s Government of Hainan Province, on behalf of the organizer. Relevant exchanges and discussions were conducted by several leaders and experts of the industry at the sub-forums of “Internet +Health Medical Industry” and “Cross-industrial development of Health Industry”.

Lecheng of Boao Town has been rated as the first international pilot zone of medical tourism upon the approval of the State Council of China. At the contract signing section of the forum, Management Council of Lecheng International Pilot Zone of Medical Tourism, Evergrande Health and Wonjin made and entered into a framework agreement for the establishment of a high-end and international aesthetic surgery hospital specializing in aesthetic surgery, skin and body care, anti-aging and health keeping. The signing ceremony was attended by Lu Junhua, Vice Governor of Hainan; Tan Zhaohui, Chairman of Evergrande Health; and Park Wonjin, Director of Wonjin Aesthetic Surgery Clinic.

“Internet +Health Medical Industry”, the most promising section of the current health medical industry, has become the focus of the forum where main participants of such an emerging industry attended. Wang Jian, Chairman and CEO of Ali Health, and Tan Zhaohui, Vice Executive President of Evergrande and Chairman of Evergrande Health were also present at the forum. Ali Health’s total market value is at HKD 55.4 billion. In addition, a keynote speech themed Entry into Health Industry in Internet Age was delivered by Chairman Tan at the forum. Evergrande Health was established by New Media acquired by Evergrande, and the tender offer and board of directors change of the new acquired company was completed yesterday. With a total value of HKD 5.8 billion, Evergrande Health is expected to enjoy a promising market in the future.

In addition, sub-forums regarding charity, education, rule of law and Internet will be held in the Boao Forum for Asian that will be closed on Mar. 29.