APSARA Authority to Launch Boat Tour and Cycling Circuit of “Jayatataka Baray Tourism Community”

APSARA National Authority is working to launch a boat tour in the Jayatataka Baray (North Baray or Neak Poan Baray) and a cycling circuit of the “Jayatataka Baray Tourism Community” which have been consulted recently with the private sector and stakeholders.

Within the framework of the project “Re-launch of the Jayatataka Baray Tourism Community” with the support of GIZ coordinated by UNESCO, a consultation workshop with stakeholders on the launch was organised in Siem Reap province late last week in the presence of H.E. Long Kosal, Deputy Director General of APSARA National Authority.

The workshop attracted 30 participants from the Department of Tourism, the Department of Environment, the Heritage Police Unit, the Tourism Police Unit, the Angkor Thom District Administration, the Angkor Thom District Tourism Association, the Association of Cambodian Travel Agents, the Travel Agents, the Travel Agent Company, the Tourist Guides Association, the Siem Reap Tourist Club, and representatives of the Jayatataka Baray Tourism Community.

According to the APSARA National Authority, the programme began with the testing of cycling circuit from Takeo Temple, crossing Ta Nei Temple of the swing bridge across the Siem Reap River, visiting the sluice gate of North Baray, the nursery station of APSARA National Authority and Prasat Preah Khan. In the afternoon of the same day, participants listened to a presentation on community organisation and management, as well as boat and cycling tourism services that the Jayatataka Baray Tourism Community plans to serve tourists, as well as discussed and exchanged ideas with each other firmly on “Pricing, services and stakeholder involvement in supporting community outreach and promotion.”

Cycling tours, exploring the natural landscape, absorbing fresh air, and exploring the Angkorian irrigation system, as well as the traditional boat tours in the Jayatataka Baray, are all new environmentally friendly tourism products of Angkor, the authority stressed.

The results of this fruitful consultation will be summarised to the leaders of the APSARA National Authority and the leaders of the Jayatataka Baray Tourism Community for review and decision.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press