A Traveler’s Dream Come True: High Performance Connectivity, Free International Calls, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and More — All in One Low-Cost Smartphone App

An innovative new app from Portuguese tech company iToorer solves a longstanding problem for international travelers and digital nomads: the exorbitant cost of data and roaming charges. The app also presents new revenue and communications channels for hotels, travel advisors, and other suppliers who offer it to clients.

Featured Image for iToorer

Featured Image for iToorer

Porto, Portugal, Sept. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — iToorer, a Portugal-based developer of global technology solutions for travel connectivity, is introducing a new product that is set to revolutionize the way travelers use their smartphones while abroad. iToorer’s mobile app, available for iOS and Android, gives users unlimited, secure high-performance connectivity shareable with additional devices, free international and local outgoing and incoming calls, and essential travel content — all for one low price.

With iToorer’s app, international travelers will no longer have to purchase expensive international data plans, incur sky-high roaming charges, fear sticker shock from unintended data usage, or spend precious vacation time hunting down local SIM cards or unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots. The app lets travelers stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues — and use all their web-enabled smartphone apps — in more than 100 countries around the world. Global travelers will be able to use their smartphones just as they do at home, confident in the service’s cost, security, and reliability.

The app also provides a new revenue stream and communications channel for hotels, airlines, travel management companies, loyalty programs, and other travel supplier partners that offer it to their clients. Infinitely customizable, the app displays the partner’s brand and allows for direct communication with the client for information, sales, and marketing. Through the app, a supplier can promote a special offer, encourage a future booking, send an alert about changes or disruptions, or let the client place a direct (and free) call to customer support.

This new mobile technology solution is the logical evolution of iToorer’s legacy product, which provides similar services to both clients and partners via a separate device. By developing an app with a virtual SIM card, the app offers travelers unlimited data for both web browsing and international phone calls in over 100 countries while using their own devices and all of the apps they have installed. The app is compatible with most models of iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel devices, with additional devices being added frequently.

iToorer’s new app includes the following valuable features for a low daily cost:

  • High-Performance Connectivity. Until now, travelers had to purchase expensive international data plans or pay exorbitant roaming charges while traveling abroad. The new iToorer app provides unlimited high-performance connectivity, so the traveler can check email, attend virtual meetings, post on social media, stream videos — anything that requires an Internet connection via secure private network.

Unlike many carriers’ international plans, iToorer will guarantee your high-performance connectivity usage. And because the app is powered by a virtual SIM card, there is no need to physically replace the SIM card in the user’s smartphone. (iToorer also offers less expensive plans that cap data at 1GB or 500 MB per day.)

  • Secure Internet Hotspot. The iToorer app’s capabilities aren’t limited to a single device. The client can share the data using their device’s built-in wireless hotspot. No need to buy international data plans for other members of the family — they can all connect via the principal device’s hotspot. Or the client can share the data plan with their own laptop, tablet, or other device. Like the data on the principal device, the shared hotspot data is secure, high-performance, and unlimited.
  • International and Local Outgoing Calls. International minutes and roaming charges often lead to shocking bills once the traveler returns home. Now, by dialing within the app, travelers can call home or connect with the office, make dinner reservations, contact local friends, and dial into conference calls without paying an additional cent. Moreover, they can still receive calls on their own number while using iToorer’s data services on the virtual SIM card at the same time.

(Coming soon: A later phase of the app will include the option to obtain a local number for incoming calls.)

  • Direct Sales and Communications Channel for Partners. The iToorer app is available exclusively in a B2B2C model, offered to clients by hotels, airlines, travel management companies, loyalty programs, and other suppliers. The app extends the footprint of the partner’s services during the client’s trip and allows them to communicate with a device in the client’s own pocket. The app is white-labeled and can be customized to carry the partner brand’s own logo, fonts, and imagery, and it offers banners that link to content such as menus, spa services, booking engines, etc. Clients can reach the partner directly with a free, one-touch phone call. Notifications can communicate duty-of-care alerts (news events, schedule changes, weather, strikes, etc.) and as a marketing channel for additional revenue opportunities. Depending on the plan chosen, the customer will be charged a daily usage rate, or the partner may offer the app as a value-add. Examples of how a partner might benefit from the iToorer app’s additional revenue and communications channel:
    • Hotel: Promote events, happy hours, F&B discounts, spa services, or offers to extend the stay or book a future stay. Direct calls or links to reception, concierge, in-room dining, F&B outlets, spa, and other departments.
    • Travel Manager: Market additional services such as tours, attraction tickets, restaurant reservations, and more. Contact clients instantaneously to communicate itinerary changes or duty-of-care notifications. Direct call or link to 24-hour support services.
    • Airline: Communicate flight delays and schedule changes. Direct call to customer service or reservations. Promote upgrades, mileage offers, and hotel and car rental bookings. Offer the app as a perk to elite loyalty members and/or premium cabin passengers.
    • Loyalty Program: Promote concierge services. Offer special opportunities to earn or redeem points. Direct call or link to customer service.
    • Car Rental: Promote contract extensions, upgrades, or add-on services. Provide driving directions and a directory of points of interest. Direct connection to roadside assistance or customer service.
  • Essential Features, Travel Content, and Discounts. The iToorer app contains a global, GPS-enabled directory of restaurants, hotels, points of interest, and attractions in over 100 countries worldwide — all constantly refreshed by automatic updates. The app is available in 12 languages and includes an automatic translator offering even more languages. It helps travelers find ATMs, pharmacies, police stations, transportation hubs, and other essential services, and offers hundreds of discounts and vouchers that travelers can use at restaurants, retail stores, tours, museums, and other attractions.

“This new app is an elegant, all-in-one solution for one of the most vexing — and costly — problems that global travelers will face as they return to the road post-pandemic: exorbitant fees for international data roaming plans and international phone calls,” says Diogo Pinto Sousa, Business Developer of iToorer. “The app’s launch is perfectly timed for the rise of the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle, allowing employees to stay in touch with colleagues and attend virtual meetings while on the road.”

The app is priced well below the global data plans offered by the major cellular carriers. For partners, there is no upfront investment required, and iToorer shares the revenue generated.

About iToorer:

iToorer is an IT group created in 2015 to provide a range of web-based mobile products and services. Headquartered in Ireland, with a main operational base in Porto, Portugal, and the U.S., the group successfully developed a customized mobile device for the corporate and leisure traveler, ensuring the best travel experience while adding value and competitive advantages to the most demanding customers of the travel and tourism industry. This device has been used by over 10 million travelers in Europe and North America.

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