A Male Sun Bear Rescued from a Trap

AKP Phnom Penh, A group of conservationists has rescued a male sun bear that was trapped in a snare inside Southern Cardamom National Park, according to Wildlife Alliance.

This male sun bear was found in the snare at 4:30 pm on Jan. 22, 2021, by Chhay Areng Ranger Patrol Unit.

The patrol unit immediately called Wildlife Alliance head office to send the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team from Phnom Penh to treat the bear.

The rescue team, led by our Director of Wildlife Rescue and Care, Nick Marx, headed down to the site with wildlife vet. Then they finally arrived at the site at around 5 am this morning, along with rangers from Stung Proat Ranger Patrol Station.

The bear was sedated, freed and treated on site, and released back into the wild as its injuries were not severe.

The sun bear is the smallest and rarest of the world’s eight living bear species. Sun bears are excellent climbers and spend considerable time in trees where they feed on sweet fruits, small rodents, birds, termites and other insects, and honey.

The sun bear was formerly widespread in the lowland forests of South-East Asia but has disappeared from most of its former range in recent decades. In Cambodia, sun bears are still found in few protected areas.

It was listed in IUCN as vulnerable species. Its weight between 35 to 80kg and its body length is up to 150cm. It the world’s smallest bear.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press