A Herd of 15 Wild Elephants Feeding Themselves in Mondulkiri’s Farms

A herd of about 15 wild elephants has reportedly been feeding themselves in the farms of residents in Andong Kraleung village, Sen Monorom commune, O' Rang district of Mondulkiri province.

Although it may affect some of the people's farms and properties, this suggests positive trend of wild elephant population in Cambodia.

To mitigate the incident, conservation officials have advised the people not to destroy or do something that threatens the forest used by those elephants as shelters.

Earlier reports indicate concern over the decline of elephant population in Cambodia, leading to more efforts to boost the number of the animal's domestication.

While the number of wild elephants was not shared in the report, it made known that Cambodia currently has a total of 73 domesticated elephants, 44 of them are being raised in Mondulkiri's protected sanctuary.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press