63% of Cambodian Disabled Children Have Schooling Access

About 63 percent of Cambodia children with disability has been sent for schooling, according to a recent survey released by NGO Education Partnership (NEP).

The mentioned percentage from a total of around 50,000 children with disability in Cambodia, added the study, should go higher.

NEP Executive Director Mr. Chin Chanveasna acknowledged the progress made so far by the Royal Government of Cambodia as well as development partners in promoting support facilities for children of such special condition.

He at the same time encouraged confidence among parents in the potential of their disabled children.

Evidences show that children with disability can perform as good as able-bodied kids in their study, he underlined.

Mr. Chanveasna added that allowing disabled children to school does not indicate a respect of their rights, but it is also a decision leading to their independent future � not burden for the family and the society.

NGO Education Partnership launched the survey yesterday at an outsourced venue here in Phnom Penh.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press