100 Day Campaign to Complete Passports for 160,000 Cambodian Migrant Workers in Thailand

Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training has planned a 100-day campaign to ensure legal documentation that supports some 160,000 Cambodian migrant workers in Thailand.

Minister of Labour and Vocational Training H.E. Ith Samheng shared the commitment upon his arrival from a recent working trip to Thailand, however, the timeframe of the campaign has yet to be defined.

According to H.E. Minister, special teams � both the ones situated in the areas with many undocumented Cambodian migrant workers and the mobile ones that will visit factory after factory targeted � will be deployed to finalise remaining paper work and hand over passport to the undocumented workers.

The 160,000 undocumented Cambodian migrant workers in Thailand have already applied for their passports, but they have not completed the process.

H.E. Ith Samheng also called for other undocumented workers to approach the nearest department of labour in Thailand to their workplace to get a permit that will allows them to apply for legal documentation to support their work in the country.

Royal Government of Thailand has recently issued a new measure against undocumented foreign workers in the country, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and beyond.

Thailand's latest census indicates that there are about 1,050,000 Cambodian migrant workers in the country, of them 750,000 are documented.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press