Teenage assailant attacked ruling party lawmaker for media attention: police

The teenage assailant who attacked Rep. Bae Hyun-jin of the ruling People Power Party with a rock last month is believed to have committed the crime to grab media attention, police said Wednesday. Referring the 15-year-old to the prosecution without physical detention for indictment on special violence charges, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station said it reached the assessment after looking into his disposition and past behavior. On Jan. 25, the boy struck Bae on the head 15 times with a rock the size of an adult man's fist in Seoul's southern district of Gangnam. The attack left Bae, a television news anchor-turned-lawmaker, hospitalized for three days. "When comprehensively considering his disposition and past behavior, he seems to have committed the crime to draw attention from the press," said Kim Dong-soo, the chief of the Gangnam Police Station during a press briefing. However, no evidence was found that pointed to him premeditating the crime targeting Bae specifically, or conspiring with others on th e act, he added. "The suspect visited the site to meet a would-be celebrity, and committed the attack after bumping into Bae by accident," Kim said, adding the suspect did not elaborate on the exact motive of the crime. A police official said they proceeded with the investigations without physical attention, citing the suspect being a juvenile offender and him admitting to the crime. Meanwhile, the teenage suspect was found to be the same person who threw coffee at actor Yoo Ah-in on his way out of the Mapo Police Station after his arrest warrant over drug charges was denied by the court. He also allegedly threw a wallet at the vandal behind the copycat scribbling on Gyeongbok Palace walls attending an arrest warrant hearing in December last year. Source: Yonhap News Agency