Supreme Court rejects suit to nullify 2022 Gyeonggi governor election

The Supreme Court has dismissed a suit seeking to invalidate the 2022 Gyeonggi gubernatorial election, in which Kim Dong-yeon of the main opposition Democratic Party (DP) won a narrow victory against ruling People Power Party (PPP) candidate Kim Eun-hye, judicial officials said Monday. The top court made the ruling on March 12 in the suit filed by a voter, who claimed that the results of the election's early voting were manipulated, citing what was presumed to be abnormalities in a video of the ballot sorting machines and a photo of the ballots. In the gubernatorial election held as part of the June 1, 2022, local elections, Kim of the DP defeated PPP's Kim by just 0.15 percentage point. The voter, whose identity was withheld, started the suit alleging there was some ballot fraud. But the Supreme Court said it is difficult to admit that the Gyeonggi provincial election committee's chairperson or officials inserted forged votes into ballot boxes and there is no evidence to support the speculation. Electio n nullification lawsuits are handled by the Supreme Court as a single trial. Source: Yonhap News Agency