S. Korea issues special travel advisory for Iran amid escalating Mideast tensions

South Korea on Monday issued a special travel advisory for parts of Iran, the foreign ministry said, amid heightened tensions in the Middle East following Tehran's attack on Israel. The ministry said it has decided to maintain the Level 3 travel advisory in the following areas: the Turkey-Iraq border region, the Sistan and Baluchestan province, as well as the three provinces of Khuzestan, Bushehr and Hormozgan along the Persian Gulf. A special travel advisory was issued Monday for the rest of country, which calls for South Korean citizens to cancel or postpone their trips to Iran and for those living there to flee to a safe country unless for urgent matters. The special advisory is issued by the government in cases of urgent security risks to travelers and can be maintained for up to 90 days. The ministry said it will continue to keep a close watch on the situation in Iran and consider taking extra measures for the travel advisory if necessary. South Korea earlier raised the advisory to Level 3 for all of Israel with the exception of the Gaza Strip, where a Level 4 travel alert is currently issued. Source: Yonhap News Agency