Restoration Project of Ancient Hall at Reach Bo Pagoda Completed

The restoration project of the ancient hall at Reach Bo pagoda, which was under technical assistance and financial support from the APSARA National Authority, was completed on Nov, 28, said the authority in a news release this afternoon.

Under the efforts and attention of the professional staff of APSARA National Authority, the ancient hall, which was dilapidated, cracked, leaking, and collapsing, has been restored using all the same techniques and materials to maintain its historical value.

According to the same source, the purpose of renovating the Reach Bo pagoda’s ancient hall was to contribute to the preservation of Khmer cultural heritage in Buddhism, as well as to raise the cultural value of Khmer art from ancient times.

This renovation project was divided into two phases: the first one was to restore the hall roof, while the second focused on the structure of the hall including the walls, the staircase, and the carving art of the hall’s platform as well as the cleaning of tiles, columns, ceilings, etc.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press