Preliminary Results: Ruling Party Wins Most of the Votes

The ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) won most of the votes during the 5th Senate Election 2024 on Feb. 25, show the preliminary results released this morning by the National Election Committee (NEC). According to the results, CPP obtained in total 10,052 votes, followed by the Khmer Will Party which got 1,394 votes, the National Power Party 234 votes, and the FUNCINPEC Party 19 votes. A total of 11,730 out of the 11,747 eligible voters or 99.8 percent cast their votes at the 33 polling stations in the eight regional constituencies throughout Cambodia. This non-universal suffrage was held under the witness of 228 political parties' observers, 760 local observers from 18 associations and NGOs, 30 foreign observers and 306 journalists, including 25 foreign journalists from 14 media organisations. The 4th Senate Election took place in 2018, during which CPP won all the 58 seats. The Senate of Cambodia was established on Mar. 25, 1999 with 61 senators. At that time, the senate members were appointed, not by election, of them 33 were from the CPP, 21 from the FUNCINPEC Party and seven from the Sam Rainsy Party. Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse