On ‘Easy,’ Le Sserafim looks to portray willingness to rise above challenges

SEOUL, K-pop girl group Le Sserafim members said Monday they were "excited" about sharing their "raw" feelings with fans and showing their confidence to remain undeterred in the face of anxiety through their new album, "Easy." "On the album, we expressed our blood, sweat and tears offstage. We've been trying real hard," Kazuha said during a media showcase in Seoul on Monday. "We listened to our own inner voice when making this album ... The album will show our honest and humane side." Le Sserafim's third EP, "Easy," is set to be out at 6 p.m. Monday. The album delivers the act's determination to rise above challenges despite fears and anxiety, according to the group. "We are eager to surprise many people," Hong Eun-chae said, "I am very excited about this album marking a new beginning with new music, messages and performances." The five-track album "Easy" marks the group's first release in nine months since its first studio album, "Unforgiven," in May. Hybe CEO Bang Si-hyuk participated in the album's pr oduction. The EP explores "the anxieties and concerns that exist behind the group's confident image," the group said, through old-school hip-hop "Easy," hard-rock "Good Bones," "Swan Song," "Smart" and "We got so much." The main track, "Easy," is a trap-based song with catchy RandB-style vocals and an addictive melody, a genre at which the K-pop group tries its hand for the first time. "I just loved the song as soon as I first heard it. Since then I've been constantly listening to it. I hope the song makes it onto the Billboard Hot 100," Kim Chae-won said. Making its debut in May 2022 with its first EP, "Fearless," the K-pop quintet has racked up two consecutive million-sellers with "Antifragile" and "Unforgiven." The group's first English digital single "Perfect Night" landed at No. 1 on major monthly domestic charts, including Melon, following its release in October. In April, Le Sserafim will perform at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, a major U.S. music festival. Source: Yonhap News Agenc y