MELAKA, Melaka is hosting this year's National Youth Day (HBN) celebration for three days starting tomorrow at Dataran Pahlawan here. Melaka Youth and Sports Department Director Khairul Adri Rosli said the celebration, themed 'Yakin Boleh', features 72 activities through 10 lifestyle segments and is scheduled to be opened by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim this Saturday. At the event, the Prime Minister is also scheduled to present the National Youth Premier Award (APBN) for the categories 'Tokoh Belia Lelaki' (Male Youth), 'Tokoh Belia Wanita' (Female Youth) and the Best Youth Organisation. "Presentation of the APBN is the highlight of the HBN 2024 celebration to recognise and appreciate the contribution and role of the youth in the national development agenda," he said, adding that Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh and Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil are also scheduled to be at the event. Khairul Adri said the 10 lifestyle segments under the Rakan Muda brand are 'Rakan Aktif', 'Rakan Li tar', 'Rakan Digital', 'Rakan Ekspresi', 'Rakan Demokrasi', 'Rakan Prihatin', 'Rakan Mahir', 'Rakan Niaga', 'Rakan Bum' and 'Rakan Muzik'. "Each segment provides a different platform for youths of various races in the country. The 'Rakan Aktif' is a platform for physical activity to produce an active and fit society," he told Bernama. The 'Rakan Digital' segment, he said, is a platform for digital technology, social media and digital channels to highlight youths' creativity and innovation, as well as to educate them to be responsible consumers. He said the three-day celebration would also provide opportunities for youths to do business. There will also be cooking demonstrations, sports activities, games and exhibitions involving various agencies, he said, adding that the strategic partner for the organisation of the 2024 HBN is the Malaysian Youth Council, which is working with more than 40 youth organisations in the country to ensure the success of the event. Meanwhile, he said Kembara RIUH @ HBN 2024 w ill also be held in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and coordinated by MyCreative Ventures Sdn Bhd. Source: BERNAMA News Agency