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Kedah is set to introduce an innovative drug rehabilitation programme aimed at revolutionising the approach to drug recovery through pioneering transformative methods.

The idea for the program was initiated by the Raja Muda of Kedah, Tengku Sarafudin Badlishah Sultan Sallehuddin, and the Raja Puan Muda of Kedah, Che Puan Muda Zaheeda Mohamad Ariff, the Office of the Sultan of Kedah said in a statement today.

Tengku Sarafudin Badlishah explained that the programme would focus on providing suitable treatment plans for affected individuals, offer holistic recovery methods and reintegrate former drug addicts back into society.

“The goal is to assist drug addicts in overcoming their addiction through suitable treatment programmes and methods. Family members and the surrounding community will also receive moral support and awareness to facilitate the reintegration process of these former addicts.

"I hope that this programme can be implemented consistently and serve as an example for similar initiatives in the future," the Raja Muda said while chairing the inaugural coordination meeting yesterday.

A task force was also set up during the meeting, consisting of professionals in multiple disciplines, including representatives from the Kedah State Secretary's Office, the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK), the police, the Kedah State Islamic Religious Affairs Department (JHEAIK), the state education department, the state health department, the social welfare department, and the state zakat board, along with those from several universities, local authorities, and non-governmental organisations.

The program is expected to be launched in October or November of this year, and the task force has approximately one month to formulate and present the program's content in September, Tengku Sarafudin Badlishah added.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency