KUALA LUMPUR, There should be more trained community mediators in the country to help ease disputes in the community such as neighbourhood problems, said National Unity Advisory Council member Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye. He said having community mediators with expertise in resolving conflicts that could trigger racial conflict is important. "As of today, there are 564 community mediators consisting of 163 unity officers and 379 members of the Rukun Tetangga committee, which is still insufficient. 'Therefore efforts to increase the number of community mediators need to be taken. As such, I hope the Ministry of National Unity (KPN) can pay attention and strengthen mediation techniques in solving petty issues in the community so that they (issues) do not become big and be exploited by politicians,' he said in a statement today. According to the Department of National Unity and National Integration (JPNIN), community mediators are individuals whose role is to help conflicting parties work together to find a soluti on agreed upon by both parties. Lee also suggested that the government provide more allocation to unity agents, including community mediators, in intensifying and increasing programmes for the community. "More training programmes need to be given to community mediators so that these agents can help solve small problems, which will not become big if they are dealt with at an early stage," he said. Source: BERNAMA News Agency