KUALA LUMPUR, The Wesak Day, which is the most important day for the Buddhist community, was celebrated harmoniously by devotees and visitors from home and abroad. Although several security breaches have occurred recently, these incidents do not disturb religious and racial harmony as acknowledged by visitors to Bernama at the Maha Vihara Buddhist Temple, in Brickfields, which is one of the main locations of the religious celebration in the capital. The temple's deputy president A Hemadasa said that the festival has been celebrated at the temple for the past 60 years, and there has never been any untoward incident. His sentiment was echoed by local visitor S.Sumathi, 46, who said that she has never felt anxious about her safety and expressed her confidence that members of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) are always aware and alert to their surroundings. 'I think Malaysia is always a safe place compared with a few countries that I have visited. People are protected here, even when we walk alone,' she said . Two Buddhists from Bangkok, Thailand, Hathai Kateratorn, 51, and Sasima Srisuwan, 41, said the security control here is very good as the authorities always patrol and monitor the situation. 'This is my first time praying here and it is totally different from my hometown such as the arrangement and people. Overall, it's quite nice and the people here are so good. The police always control and monitor the situation here, so that everyone feels safe,' they said. The same situation was reported by visitors at Fo Guang Shan Temple, Kelana Jaya, Selangor. Leong Chuan Yin, 33, and M. Kuhendren, 60, said security during the celebration was never an issue because the premises were always under the control of PDRM and People's Volunteer Corp (RELA). 'This is a fairly safe neighbourhood, especially a point of interest like this temple. I've also seen police patrol cars going around the neighbourhood regularly from time to time,' said Kuhendran. Yesterday, Bukit Aman Management Department director Datuk Seri Azmi Abu Kasim said security measures over government buildings, public spaces, and critical facilities have been heightened following recent breaches. According to him, the police are taking these recent security breaches seriously, which have raised public concern, and assured that the nation's public safety remains at an optimal level. Source: BERNAMA News Agency