KUALA LUMPUR, Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd expects the launch of Astro Studios to strengthen its position as the premier destination for content within the country while simultaneously elevating the nation's creative industry to new heights. In a statement, Astro announced that its world-class network of broadcast production, post-production and visual design services offers an integrated range of services to storytellers, producers and directors. Among the services offered are cutting-edge technologies such as XR (Extended Reality) virtual production powered by Unreal Engine, innovative IP video solutions for high-quality remote broadcast production and audio-visual post-production services for cinema, broadcasting and streaming needs crafted in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos formats, it said. Astro Group chief executive officer Euan Smith said the launch is a continuation of the company's reputation as a leader in broadcasting technology and production that has achieved various significant milestones for th e country. 'Hence, the launch of Astro Studios as an engine to reinforce our position as the premier destination for content production in the country and also as a hub for high-quality content in the region is a natural step for us. 'With exceptional talents in the diverse community supported by world-class technology, I am confident that Malaysia can become a sensation in content creation. Therefore, Astro Studios is a key driver in stimulating the economic growth of the country's creative industry,' he said. Smith said that through the platform, local and international content creators have the opportunity to leverage the same range of services enjoyed by Astro's internal teams. 'We believe this offer is highly attractive and can provide them access to an innovative team and a modern 'One-stop-shop' at appealing rates,' he said. Source: BERNAMA News Agency